Summer camps

BCM NI runs 8 weeks of summer camps each summer at Mullartown. Camp is a high-energy, dynamic experience which involves a jam-packed programme of activities, sports and Bible-teaching. Sharing a dorm with 8-10 other campers, competing in activities to win points for your team, and singing praises to God around the camp fire, are all highlights of a week of camp!

Kids’ Camps (Programme Directors: Week 1: Matty + Rebekah Reid, Week 2: Jonny + Claire Martin, Week 3: Rob + Mel Henry)

We have 3 kids’ camps for children aged P4-P7. A typical day at kids’ camp involves a morning and evening Quiet Time with dorm leaders, a morning hobby session, morning Bible teaching based on the camp theme, an evening missionary story, tuck shop, book stall and a bit of free time! In addition, each day there will be different afternoon and evening activities such as: swimming, a trip to the beach, a theme day, a water day, talent show etc.

Merge camp (Programme Directors: Gary + Julia Fletcher)

Merge is a camp for children aged P7-Yr9, aimed at helping them to transition from kids’ camp to teen camp! With a similar programme to the kids’ camps, but taking the Bible teaching to a deeper level, the leaders at Merge recognise that this a crucial age for young people as they move from primary school to secondary school and grow in independence.

Junior Teens camp (Programme Director: Dawson Cleland)

Junior Teens is for young people in Yr9-Yr11 and is usually our most popular camp! Campers love the competitive activities, banter with the leaders, and the opportunity to see how the Bible is relevant to them in their daily lives. Not for the faint-hearted, Junior Teens is an exhilarating (and exhausting!) week.

Senior Teens camp (Programme Director: Zak Nicholls)
Senior Teens is for those in Yr12 or older (ie. age 16+). It includes many of the features of the younger camps but also has space for campers to get into the Bible individually, and to spend time chatting over coffee. Seminars, a trip to Newcastle, and the annual water day are all highlights of the week.

Family camp (Programme Directors: Jason + Gemma Hill)

Family camp is for families of any size and made up of any ages! The programme is a mixture of activities for the whole family and activities for various age groups. Parents and children have their own separate bible teaching times, allowing it to be tailored to each group.

City Kids’ camp (Programme Directors: tbc)

City Kids’ camp is for children aged P3 to Yr9 and primarily attracts campers from Belfast, most of whom attend Bible Clubs in various areas. Social Services refer some children to this camp. There are also City Teens’ weekend camps during term-time for those from Yr9 up.



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