BCM NI recognises our volunteers are an essential part of our work and desires to invest in them, both spiritually and practically. Devotionals and Mentoring Studies are two of the ways we strive to do this.

Being sure of what we believe

The Bible is God’s Word

One God, triune

Jesus, fully God, fully man, Saviour

Sin, Satan, Salvation

Faith in Christ alone

The Work of the Holy Spirit

The Imminent Return of Christ

The Church as the Body of Christ

Digging deeper: Bible studies

Grab a friend and explore some of these key doctrines further!

1. The Authority of Scripture

Why do we believe the Bible is God’s Word? What are the implications of this truth for our life and ministry?

2. Jesus, our Saviour

What does Scripture have to say about who Jesus is? How do these truths impact how we worship and live for Him?

3. How great a salvation!

What does it mean to be saved by grace through faith? How can we explain this truth to others?

4. Prayer

Scripture assures us that prayer is important for the believer and has power. Why is prayer both a duty and a privilege?


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